Saturday, September 29, 2007


When did I get so old that after an hour of Indian-style-bent-over-a-scrapbook I end up stuck in a pretzel position and when I try to stand up every joint south of my bellybutton aches?

And, more importantly, should this be happening to someone in her twenties?

And, if so, what will forty or fifty look like?

I'm not even gonna ask about sixty. I figure by that point, apparently, I'm going to bedridden.

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  1. As someone with ankles that crack with every step and tendonitis in both knees, I can say that, no, these things should not happen to people in their twenties. But, for some reason, they happen. All we can do is deal with the creaks and cracks and pains and hope that we hold up until we're, 40 maybe.