Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Garrett is resilient...

So we spent Labor Day at my brother's girlfriend's parent's house up in Canyon Lake, hanging out in the pool and eating steak. Though...not...at...the...same...time. As dinner was winding down, my brother threw a napkin at my son. (We were eating outside. My brother does not actually have the table manners of a barnyard animal.) Garrett thought the napkin was a splendid prize and carried it around gleefully. A few minutes later the story unfolds:

Jon: He's still carrying that napkin I threw at him.
Holly: (Heather's sister) How dirty was it?
Jon: I don't know. I used it. But he's resilient.
Insert pause in this conversation for a few minutes while other people continue to talk
Holly: (Suddenly) Wait. What are you?
Jon: What?
Holly: Well, you said the baby is Brazilian.

So, it's completely obvious that resilient can be mistaken for Brazilian, especially given all the different conversations taking place. The hilarious part is that she contemplated it for several minutes. In addition, my son is the fairest skinned white boy who ever toddled the planet. And...Troy and I are clearly not Brazilian. I wish I had heard the exchange first hand, but I had to hear it when I questioned why my brother and Heather were doubled over in gales of laughter.

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  1. haha...i laughed again just reading about it.