Thursday, February 4, 2016

Morning Imsomniac

Troy says I have morning insomnia. This means that once I'm awake, I'm pretty much awake. Even when my settings somehow get changed on my preferred times for substitute calls and my phone rings at 5:45 am on a day when I don't have to get up before 7:00 am. And then I realize I have a splitting headache so going back to sleep is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I have a case of 21st century first world problems. Can you imagine if some woman from prairie times managed to get a hold of my laptop, turned it on and read this? She'd be all, "I just had a baby on the floor of my kitchen with no epidural and then I went out to milk the cows because THEY AREN'T GOING TO MILK THEMSELVES and AFTER THAT the sun came up."

I salute you, Prairie Woman.

But my response was to go to the substitute site and yell at it as I saw that all my times were changed to "District Call Times" when THAT IS NOT HOW THEY WERE EVEN YESTERDAY. I furiously corrected them to HUMAN HOURS while a few choice words (Dagnabit! And Flondenflockenhausen!) ran through my head. It doesn't really even matter though because I am totally starting a full time job on Monday that will last me right on through mid March.

So no phone calls from the automatic line at 5:45 until at least then. Hooray!


  1. I'm sorta jealous. I'm an old-fashion evening insomniac and I can always go back to sleep in the morning. I could sleep til noon every day no problem. Waking up and getting out of bed take monumental effort!

  2. Haha! Love how you communicate.

  3. Haha! love how you communicate!

  4. We're all different! :)