Saturday, September 12, 2015

We're Just So Busy

My upcoming week looks like this:

On Monday, Matthew has football practice and Garrett has Scouts and Troy has a meeting. On Tuesday, Matthew has a football game. On Wednesday, I volunteer in classrooms and then Garrett has a football game and I teach Bible study and the boys and Troy have Kid's Club. On Thursday, my mom flies in and Garrett has football practice. On Friday, my mom and I leave for our women's retreat.

This schedule does not include time spent on homework. It doesn't include Bible study prep or grocery shopping or all the things I need to do to prepare for the women's retreat. It also doesn't include me working. Which I really should do.

I have two children.

How do women with six or eight or ten kids ever get anything done? I mean, aside from driving kids places. I thought motherhood would be easier once my children were in school. I WAS DEAD WRONG.

And this, friends, is why it's been six days since I've blogged.

And also why this one is so short.

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