Thursday, July 23, 2015

Freezing Summer

Summer is so short. Especially with year round school. And we're lucky because we stayed on the same track so we get a longer, six week summer, instead of the shorter three week ones. I already find myself dreading that it's all going to start again in less than four weeks.

I want more long days of warmth.

More wiggling my feet in the sand.

More popsicles.

More waves and salty hugs and football tossing in the yard.

More tank tops and flip flops.

More chlorine and carefree giggles.

One more month isn't enough.

I want to say yes more.

Yes, you can have a sleepover.

Yes, you can turn on the sprinklers.

Yes, to that slurpee.

Yes, to that hike, that adventure, that dirty puppy.

I still get to watch my boys surf, listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, see that great expanse of ocean. I still get to hear their laughter as they draw all the marrow out of the bones of summer. And yet, I feel the creeping of the coming seasons. The grind. The months that pile on top of one another, over and over, until these boys are grown and gone.

Linger summer, for just a moment longer this year.

Let them halt their height for a split second, that I may freeze them in time.

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