Friday, April 24, 2015

Play Ball

Both of our boys have played t-ball in the past. It was great when they were really little because it gave them a loose baseball concept but they were only allowed to take one base, the entire team ran for (and fought over) the same ball, and skill sets weren't really developed. We decided that this was Garrett's year for the real thing. (Or, rather, the real thing with a pitching machine.)

Last night, he played against his best friend's team. Troy got this shot of Garrett playing catcher and Web batting. This happened just before Web slugged it and (after Garrett's team threw it around for awhile) scored a home run.

We've had rain and snow that canceled two of our games so, at this point, Garrett's team is 1-1.

So far, he's played catcher, first base, second base and short. He loves to play catcher. He also wants to be a swimmer some day so I do not like the idea of him wanting to catch. He's going to hopelessly ruin his knees for swimming. But whatever. He thinks it's hilarious when the balls hit him in the face mask. He's a weird kid.

Last night he had some great plays in the field. He wasn't able to get the runner out either time but he fielded the ball cleanly.

He looks like me and he sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating like I do. The only real difference between us is almost 25 years and the fact that he's a boy. He got that from Troy. And his affinity for history and ball sports. I have zero coordination so it was best to put me in a pool and tell me to swim straight and fast.

He was asked to try out for an additional accelerated team. The coach had to pick the top three on the team. We were very proud of him for being selected. There were 24 boys chosen to try out and only 12 will make the team but it was an honor just to be picked out of the 90 boys that are playing.

Also, what is it about sticking a boy in a t-shirt and a baseball cap and not knowing what decade he's from? Aside from the quality of the photo, this could be 1950 or 1980 or now. Boys and baseball. So much changes...but some things remain the same.

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