Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fleeting Moments

Monday afternoons are crazy around these parts because Garrett has baseball practice at 5:00 and then scouts at 7:00 and there isn't enough time to come home in between and scouts is 30-40 minutes away from our house anyway so I pack a dinner to eat and that's that. I also write run-on sentences. As if Mondays aren't nuts enough, I added four dentist appointments to the mix yesterday. Troy left for the dentist with Matthew at 1:30. I followed later with Garrett. When Garrett was finished, Troy took him over to the baseball fields early and they did his homework there. Then he had practice, ate the dinner I'd packed, stopped at the batting cages to hit a few, and headed to scouts. They got home just before 9:00.

Meanwhile, I finished up at the dentist and brought Matthew home. We finished his homework, had dinner, and lazed around together. So Troy is the rock star parent, is what I'm saying. And thanks to him being the rock star parent, I got to snuggle with my youngest until this happened.

I can't believe how fast these babies have turned into tiny men. I also can't believe how much they still look like babies when they sleep.

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