Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Guy

My husband is not perfect, y'all. No. He likes to take naps and he likes making piles of things and his idea of deep cleaning is vacuuming and scrubbing the floors. He's not a planner, he hates to be touched while he sleeps and he likes mayonnaise on his sandwiches. So, like I said, not perfect.

But he's spiritually wise and he knows EXACTLY how to handle me.

Four weeks ago, when I thought I was maybe dying, he humored me while I showed him where everything was that he would need if I met an untimely death. He only barely shook his head when I instructed him to replace me right away with an even better model.

And, this weekend, during The Great Buggy Disaster of 2014, he listened to me as I processed and cried and went through several possible scenarios in my mind. (I did all of this while sitting seven inches away from a giant black widow I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW was there.) He spoke words of affirmation to me as I (unnecessarily, as always) put the weight of the world on my shoulders. YOU try being a people pleasing, overdramatic, focused activator, with fear of rejection issues sometime and see how you like it. Then add the pressure of telling forty women they've been exposed to bed bugs.

It's fun to be me. Except when it isn't.

He prayed for me. He gave me his opinion but told me it was up to me and he would back me whether I took his advice or not. (For the record, I did.) And then, when I came home and tried to slowly unwind my stress paralysis, he even let me fall asleep draped all over him.

He sees me at my most vulnerable. He holds my hand in doctor's offices and he reminds me, always, of the bigger picture. He guides me and teaches me in my own walk with the Lord and he gently corrects me when I'm not applying God's word to my course of action. He makes me want to listen to him. He calls me out when I put the focus on myself and take it off of how God can be glorified through my experiences. He earns my respect because he loves me.

He's mine. And I am so thankful that the Lord saw fit to give him to me.

Even though it means I have to buy mayonnaise.

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