Monday, August 11, 2014

Week Two

We drove from Tahoe to San Diego and stopped at one of the fish hatcheries. When I was a kid, it was a working hatchery but now it is a museum. They do still have a pond outside with many fish and beautiful grounds. We ate our lunch, fed the fish and explored the museum. The boys LOVED it.

We continued on to Whittier where we stayed at the home of some good friends. They were out of town but are some of the most hospitable people on the planet and let us stay anyway. I had dinner with a good friend while the boys played in our friends' pool.

The next day was Garrett's birthday. We went to church at one of the churches that Troy used to work at. Then Garrett opened presents.


For his birthday, we took Garrett to the Pirate Adventure in Buena Park. It's a great time of eating delicious food and watching an elaborate pirate play. The boys had an absolute blast.

We spent that night with my grandparents in San Diego. Troy flew from San Diego back to Salt Lake early on Monday morning. We hung out with my grandparents all morning and into the early afternoon. We met my mom, aunt and cousin at my other grandpa's place for dinner.

During the week that Troy was back in Salt Lake, we had fun in San Diego. We visited with friends, went fishing, went to the movies, and had a blast at Sea World. My mom and I spent a day shopping. We watched episodes of Duck Dynasty and we visited the church I attended for 15 years.

We continued to work on our tans so that we didn't blind the good people on the beach during our last week of vacation--camping at the beach and Garrett's surf camp!

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