Saturday, April 26, 2014


We got up really early on Wednesday and headed up to Primary Children's Hospital so that Garrett could have an MRI. He was AN AMAZING ANGEL CHILD the entire time. The nurses kept asking him if he wanted to stay to show the other kids how it's done.

First, he got the IV put into his hand like a CHAMPION. He never even flinched.

Then he got all snuggled down onto the bed, under warm covers.

They started the IV sedation and he just closed his eyes and went right to sleep.

He sniffed and wiggled a bit in his sleep when the nurse put the oxygen tube into his nose.

This looks so very much worse than it is. What it was was a very sleepy child getting an MRI. What it looks like is a very sick child being put into a space ship to be abducted by aliens.

When it was over, he popped right up, thrilled that one of his choices for fluids was root beer. Garrett's only allowed to have soda on VERY special occasions. Yes, sure son, sedated MRIs can fall into the category of special occasions.

We now have a vast quantity of images of Garrett's neck and brain. He does have a skull fracture, but apparently it's not a cause for concern. His neck is fine and the neurosurgeon gave him the ability to return to all activities he'd been suspended from. So, you know, he's back to climbing trees, zooming around on his bike, and generally looking for ways to end up back in the emergency room.

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