Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I swore I wouldn't succumb to the leggings trend. I hadn't worn them, you see, since 1991. Roughly. But then they just didn't go away. When paired with the correct top, they were downright cute. But I'm stubborn. So I bought Jeggings which are a cross between leggings and jeans. Sturdier. Less reminiscent of a time when I wore a lot of neon, multiple pairs of socks at one time, and large, poofy bangs.

But still, the legging trend didn't go away.

I bought a pair of thick leggings, with a zipper that goes partway up the leg, as a sort of compromise. I wore them. I had more people tell me they liked my outfit in that one day than the past three months combined. So then I did what any sensible person who likes compliments would do. I used a gift card and bought real, actual, tights-like leggings.

I wore them today.

It is still frigid here in the land of never ending winter.

And so, logically, when the wind hit my barely clad legs, I actually thought, for a split second, that I'd forgotten to wear pants.

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