Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pay It Forward

If you've spent any amount of time reading this blog, you know that adoption is one of our most precious joys. So many of you helped us fight for Matthew by lifting us up in prayer, sending money, and holding fundraisers. With every fiber of our being, we know that we could not have done it without the generosity of our families and our friends.

We have always longed for a time when we could pay it forward.

Unfortunately, our financial situation is not one that allows us to hand someone a large check to help them fund their adoption.

Still, we have talked and prayed about a time when we could really help someone realize their dream of bringing a child into their home.

Earlier this month, Troy received a phone call from a pastor in Alabama. He and his wife were awaiting the birth of their third child, whom they would welcome into their home through the miracle of adoption. The baby would be born here in Salt Lake City. This couple was hoping to save hundreds of dollars by finding a home they could stay in instead of paying for a hotel every night.

Troy said he'd see what he could do.

And he mentioned it to me.

One of my pet peeves is when something is so obviously the right decision and people say, "Um...hmmm...let me pray about that and see what God says." Sometimes, I don't think we need to consult Him through prayer. Not when it's all lined up in the Bible already. We are called to have a spirit of hospitality. Of course we can still pray about it. Of course He wants to hear from us. But He isn't going to contradict what He's already said in His Word.



Add to this situation the fact that we've been there, done that. Add to it the fact that this baby is half African-American and we know a little bit about transracial adoption. Add to it the fact that we aren't handing them money but we are saving them money and, therefore, giving back.

They got here on Wednesday.

The cutest, tiniest little peanut of a baby girl was born on Thursday.

They brought her home to our house yesterday.

When I heard the key in the door, I ran down the stairs yelling, "Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!" They immediately handed me their 6 pound, 17 inch long daughter and it's entirely possible that I fell in love with her straight away.

Then my 7-year-old asked if he could hold her. They said yes and he fell in love with her straight away.

Matthew did not, so much. He knows she isn't staying but I think he's slightly jealous anyway. We own a golden retriever and a cat. If my children had to represented by those animals, the youngest would definitely be the cat. He loves what he wants to, in his own time. Like the dog, Garrett just loves anything that walks through the door.

The thing about thinking that you are blessing someone is that you always end up being the blessed. We get to snuggle a newborn until their ICPC goes through. We get to talk about ministry and adoption. We all get our baby fix.

Of course, I might already be contemplating felonies. I kind of want to keep her.

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