Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Boys In Pink

So basically, I'm just sitting around waiting for a six centimeter cyst to rupture inside my body. This is especially special because many of my friends have seen fit to explain the sheer heights of pain that this will bring me. It's apparently like the end stages of labor, passing a kidney stone, swallowing a double edged dagger and having one's body ripped in half all at once. I will likely also be crawling on all fours, writhing, screaming and vomiting all at once. 

Neat times.

I really hope it happens tomorrow or Tuesday while I am teaching math to first graders. "What's happening to you?" they'll ask.

"Oh, just the ridiculous effects of Common Core," I'll reply, through gritted teeth and between rounds of regurgitation. 

I can see myself crawling to the neighboring classroom, barf spewing from my throat. It'll be super if that happens.

Um. Not.

In the meantime, yesterday was National Adoption Day. We celebrated it by snuggling this adorable baby girl.

And realizing just how good my boys look holding pink.

They are now both completely smitten with the tiny bundle.

And I am completely smitten with how gentle and sweet they both are with her.

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