Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Playroom Facelift

It would seem that this blog has turned exclusively into some sort of surfer mom musings. It won't continue, I assure you. There's really no good surf in Salt Lake City. 


Today I overheard Matthew telling Garrett to "Get on the floor so that I can surf you!" The older brother had no problem obliging. Then, I think, turns were taken. 

So I did what any logical grom mom would do. I took down the little boy stuff in their playroom and turned it into a surfer room. It's still a little bit of a work in progress but I started by framing the autographs Garrett got while we were in San Diego.

She just got married. Garrett used to have a crush on her (I think) but after seeing her in person I think he realized just how much older and just how much taller she is than him. He'll have to go back to looking for a future wife on the playground. It will not be the little girl named Katherine.

"I wonder who will be in your class this year," I said the other day.

"Hopefully not Katherine. She'd just chase me and chase me all during recess, trying to kiss me, like last year. That would be horrible," he'd replied.

"Well...but...she'll still be on the playground because all the first graders have recess together," I reminded him.

"Oh! You're right. This is not good."

Anyway. The framed poster is signed. I have no earthly idea why it was done with a silvery pen that can only be seen in certain light.

I doubt that my son is going to want a poster of a female surfer that is simultaneously an add for female flip flops for very long but it'll be fun while it lasts.

I balanced it out with some male surfers.

Behind those male surfers are Winnie-the-Pooh cards that have been in Garrett's room since before he was born. I had to kind of just plow through covering them up. I'm still processing. The surfer on the left is Damien Hobgood. He's a Christian and he spoke at the camp. I have no idea who the surfer on the right is. I purposely picked a picture that didn't have a name associated with it because I don't know much about very many surfers. I'd hate to put up a picture of a pot smoking perv. Not that pot smoking and being a perv necessarily go hand in hand. But I'd rather not be promoting some surfer in my boys' room just to find out he's a horrible role model. So random surfer dude it is.

We had Bethany Hamilton and Bryan Jennings sign these fish. I had intended to laminate them but then I realized I would still have to push holes into them to hang them up. So I decided to frame them instead. They're hanging side by side on the wall.

Garrett drew this picture of surfboards while we in San Diego. My parents framed it. I hung it up.

My mom also made goody bags for the boys to enjoy while we were beach camping. I hung the bags from the wall and put their Hawaiian ukuleles inside.

This is part of their bulletin board...

And this is part of the bookcase...

Now the boys can retreat to their playroom to play "Stand on top of me and pretend to surf" even though there isn't an actual ocean for 700 miles or so.

So that's how I spent most of my day--still living and breathing all things SURFING despite the fact that vacation is over.

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