Thursday, May 16, 2013


I was standing in the parking lot at Garrett's school talking to another mom. A car pulled up, the window rolled down. A woman I did not know said, "Hey there! Ella wants to say hi to Matthew." Smiling, I picked my own brain trying to figure out who these people were and how they knew my son.

It happens.

All the time.

Matthew stands out in this place of people who resemble the summer clouds, the snow, coffee creamer. People remember him. But it's not just his skin color. It's his breakaway runs and subsequent soccer goals. It's his infectious (albeit loud) laugh. It's his big, bright smile. It's his sense of humor. He's kind of larger than life, that one.

Clearly, Matthew knew who these people were because he instantly began jumping up and down, waving his hand over his head and screaming, "Hi! Hi! Hi Ehwa! Hi Ehwa!"

She beamed from her seat, "Hi Matthew!"

"Well, okay, we'll see you tomorrow!" her mom said with a wave and drove off.

"See ya ta-mah-woah!" Matthew yelled.

I bent down, "Was that Ella from preschool?" I asked him because otherwise I had no idea where I was supposed to meet up with these people. And while I might not have been able to pick Ella out of a lineup before yesterday, I've certainly heard all about her. Every boy at preschool wants to grow up and marry Ella.

"Yep!" he smiled. "I did not see that comin'!"

I don't know where he came up with that but he said it with such enthusiasm. It was pretty hysterical. Today, when I walked him into school, Ella's car was the first one in the drop-off line. She waved frantically at him. He grinned and shook his hand back and forth.

And I saw a glimpse into the future. My little boy might be smitten.

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