Saturday, April 6, 2013

Singing With Stars and Whales

I spent last night and today at a conference for pastor's wives. In one of my breakout sessions, we talked about what organic worship looks like and how we incorporate it into our daily family life. At the end of the seminar, we watched this video with Louie Giglio. It's small part of a much longer video.

Near the end, when the audience begins to sing How Great Is Our God, the twelve (or so) women in the room with me began to sing along. It was one of the most authentic worship experiences of my life. It was not even two minutes long.

Still, as my voice joined with other women, with stars and whales, tears sprung into my eyes, my throat tightened, and I worshiped.

We are told in Luke 19:40 that if we do not praise Him, the very rocks will cry out. How amazing to know that my God hears His universe and it is more melodic than the most gifted of orchestras.

How great is our God?

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