Thursday, February 21, 2013


What I'm Teaching: A women's Sunday school class (soon to end) on Philippians, A women's Bible study where we're doing Matt Chandler's The Explicit Gospel, and the occasional classroom full of children who seem thrilled with the idea of trying to torment the substitute.

What I'm Researching/Writing: A breakout session called Pursuit of Perfection (for an April conference) which looks at our natural tendencies to compare ourselves to everyone around us and deem ourselves failures because we haven't lived up to the standards and expectations of friends, family members, church members and others. I'm exploring what a godly pursuit of perfection is vs a humanistic approach. God's giving me plenty of opportunity for growth here. Just yesterday I felt like a complete failure as a mom and as a pastor's wife. 

What I'm Raising: A six-year-old and an almost four-year-old. Boys. They wield swords and pummel each other. I don't understand these tiny man creatures. They are so tough and foreign. Until they meet you after school crying because they lost their hand stamp being a chatterbox.

What I'm Cleaning: Very little. The house is kind of a wreck.

What I'm Rooting For: My oldest child to win at least one wrestling match this session. Last year, my sweet, chivalrous, cherub didn't have much fight in him. Still, he wanted to wrestle again. We'll see how it goes. Also, for my youngest to actually play soccer, which starts on Saturday, instead of getting nervous and refusing. It's a coin flip.

What I'm Eating: Gardetto's snack mix. On account of all the yum.

What I'm Contemplating: The fact that my golden retriever, the one who has been with us for all but three months of our marriage, is nine-and-a-half years old. And I don't think we have a lot of years left with him. These Utah winters have not been kind to him.

What I'm Dreaming of: June.

What's Crazy: An enormous percentage of my married friends of childbearing age are gestating wee ones as we speak. An alarming percentage, actually. It's a "there's something in the water" kind of situation.

What I'm Thankful For: The freckles that dust my oldest's nose. The chubby, kissable, cheeks of my youngest. A husband who loves me, gets me, and always, always supports me.

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