Monday, July 16, 2012

Bloody Murder

Apparently, I say the phrase "bloody murder" way too often. I don't think about what I'm saying, exactly, it just comes out. If ever my children are yelling about something at the top of their lungs (read: always) I say they were "screaming bloody murder."

I am not entirely sure where I came up with this.

Matthew, has latched on to the bloody part instead of the screaming part. So now, any time he is bleeding, whether it's the tiniest of scrapes on his knee or a cut on his lip where a tooth saw fit to slice, he says, "I got bloody murder."

Or, "Look at the bloody murder."

Or, "That was very bloody murder."

Or, "This is bloody murders."

It doesn't have to be on his body, either. He's been known to say, "Garrett got bloody murder."

He doesn't watch horror movies or read the morning paper. I promise. Though I am well aware that it sounds like he does.

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