Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Nearly three years ago, we dropped you off at preschool for the very first time.

You were three and dealing with an overwhelming amount of anxiety about being left anywhere. We were nothing if not honest with you about the fact that your brother might not be a permanent addition to our family. You did what any tiny boy who was afraid his family might fall apart would do. You screamed and cried and, when the director tried to restrain you from running out the door, you kicked her. Hard.

She assured us it wasn't the worst thing that had ever happened to her.

Yesterday, you graduated from that preschool. Three years you were there. You could have started kindergarten last year and we debated. We prayed. We questioned. We talked. And we made the decision to keep you there any extra year.

And I wouldn't change that decision for the world. Well, maybe for the world, I mean, we are just talking about kindergarten here. But I am so confident that we made the right choice.

Last night, you graduated.

Tomorrow you will graduate from high school. I'm sure of it. What with the way time is flying and all.

So we're doing what any red blooded American would do to celebrate preschool graduation. We're taking you to Hawaii.

Um. Just kidding. The trip just happened to coincide with the closure of your preschool years.

Before the first day of preschool- September 2009

Before the last day of preschool- June 2012

We're proud of you, buddy. We love you. And we know you're going to do great things.

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