Saturday, June 23, 2012

Four, Five, Six

Day Four

We drove north and went to the Nakalele Blow Hole. It was quite eventful. First, my dad was trying to get video of the water shooting out and the water shot a great distance farther than it had in all the time we'd been there. His brand new video camera got drenched and, so far, has not turned back on. Then, on the way out, we encountered a woman on her honeymoon who had fallen and injured her ankle. My dad and brother helped carry her out while I carried her purse and my brother's backpack.

We stopped at a beach on the way back. We decided to let Garrett try his hand at snorkeling. He took off with my dad and it was incredible. He took to it like your average ten or twelve-year-old. The rest of us snorkeled. Matthew and my mom laid on a boogie board with a window. It was a relaxing and fantastic day.

Day Five

On Saturday Troy and I ditched the rest of the family and headed out early on the road to Hana. I'd gotten incredibly carsick the day before so I took Dramamine before we headed out. We hiked to several waterfalls, were on the receiving end of many a torrential downpour, went to the black sand beach, got bit by tons of mosquitoes, made it to Hana, continued on, missed the O'heo Gulch, drove six miles on a winding, one lane (for both directions of traffic), dirt road, wanted to see the O'heo Gulch so we turned around, saw the Gulch, and then continued (again) on our way. Eventually, we made it back to our condo. We were gone for somewhere around eleven hours but the road was gorgeous! So many people had told us that it was worth doing but only once. We loved it and would do it again. Although, not on the same trip. That would just be ridiculous.

While we were on the road to Hana, my parents, brother and sister-in-law and our kids were soaking up more sun and snorkeling at my dad's favorite beach which is only about two miles from our condo.

Day Six

On Sunday we started our day by driving into Lahaina and going to the early service at Lahaina Baptist Church. It was incredible with the panels of the walls lifted so the breeze blew in. We kept the kids with us and they did pretty well. Garrett belted out the words to "Beautiful One" and excitedly declared, "We sing this at our church!"

When church was over we walked around the streets of Lahaina and did some shopping/browsing. We ended up at Bubba Gump's for a Father's Day Lunch. It was delicious. Our table overlooked the water and it was absolutely gorgeous. After stuffing ourselves with seafood, we stopped and got shave ice.

That afternoon my mom, Heather and I watched the guys play in the pool. At some point, my pesky brother grabbed me and jumped in. I hadn't even changed out of my church clothes. My husband and oldest son found this to be gut busting hysterical. Good thing that in Hawaii my church clothes were basically just summer capris.

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