Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crackin' Me Up

As you all know, The Rock Star didn't say much until he was two and then we had verbal word vomit exploding from his mouth with wild abandon. And while that may be a visual you'd rather not have had it's important for you to understand what an insane talker this kid is now.

He never really shuts up. Unless he's asleep. Even then he sometimes mumbles things. Some of the words he says are hilarious. Like when someone asks him how something happened and he replies, "It's a mystery."

Just now I asked him if he was going to return to the room to watch the rest of the movie I'd put on and he replied, "Well, mom, as I was saying, I'd like a snack, please."

What? As I was saying? Who says that? Lawyers, maybe. The British?


  1. my friend Josiah (age 6) and I were reading a book tonight. I skipped the title page and went to the first page of the story, and he interrupted me and goes, 'it appears that the story actually starts on this page' and turned it back to the title page.

    oh. it does appear that way. excuse me.