Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crib Bites

Garrett's crib bit him.

I was cleaning the house and he was slowly starting to awaken from his nap when suddenly his gentle coos became a fierce scream. I thought he was being dramatic so I aimed to finish cleaning the counters. When the cries intensified I went to investigate. He was laying on his back with his blanket over his head shouting. As he writhed around I discovered the source of his pain. His chubby leg was inserted precariously between two rungs of his crib. The more he struggled to yank it out, the more he sobbed. I had to carefully jimmy it out from the rungs and once it was free the two of us discovered that it had, indeed, bit him, leaving two prominent red marks on his otherwise pasty skin.

For the rest of the afternoon he gazed skeptically at the nasty biter. Occasionally shooting it death looks.

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