Monday, July 16, 2007

Beach Camping

In case anyone wanted to know, when babies eat sand, babies poop sand.

And it's interesting how one day a baby's goldfish cracker can fall in the sand and when he puts it into his mouth he repels it out with gusto. But the same baby, on the very next day, can be found shoveling fistfuls of wet sand into his mouth and swallowing happily.

Babies who wake up with the sun whilst camping become very irritable by early afternoon.

The spot I missed on my shoulder and the other spot I missed on the back of my leg are still slightly red and still kind of hurt.

I gained a pound eating Costco muffins and pita chips and s'mores and burritos and pork kabobs and red vines and...

Camping is almost always very fun (exception: Mosquito Creek--no it's not figurative) and camping with a baby, while more challenging, is spectacularly fun.

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