Thursday, June 28, 2007


I can't remember dates from history to save my life. Ask me to tell you when the Magna Carta was signed or what year Thomas Jefferson became our President and I simply couldn't do it. But for some reason, dates in my own life stick in my head and I can't seem to get them out--even when I want to.

I wonder when the first year will go by that I don't remember to remember today. June 28. The day I rejoice in not marrying the wrong person. If I'd married the wrong person I'd be celebrating my wedding anniversary today. Well, truth be told I would probably not be celebrating at all. Sometimes, on a languid day like today, I let my mind go to another time in another place. Where would I be? Who would I be? If, in fact, it was my anniversary? The nauseating image that is conjured up allows for such gratitude, such thankfulness for my sweet husband and miraculous son. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that whatever heartache becomes me, whatever painful path we may one day endure, choosing this road instead of that has made all the difference. And so, rather than trip over the day with a glance at the calendar and a shudder, I embrace it. Thankful for the regret of a relationship persued, the joy of water under the bridge, and another day lived with my one true love.


Of course I remember the really important stuff like my actual anniversary and my parents birthdays and when Garrett was born but here are some other bizarre days I remember:
-September 17, 1993- Started "going out" with my first "boyfriend" in seventh grade. This was also the day Troy's sister gave birth to my niece, Alexis, but I wouldn't know that for another ten years. This same date, four years later, was the day I got my driver's license.
-September 27, 1994- Broke up with my first "boyfriend." I think a year is a very long time for middle schoolers, don't you? I also think it is extremely weird that I remember this.
-September 17, December 13, September 14, July 14, February 25, July 28, August 26, March 15-The dates (in age order) that all of my neices and nephews were born. This is quite a feat to remember...even my own mother-in-law (and they are HER grandchildren, mind you) can only remember the months. In addition, March 15 is also the day my college roommate got engaged.
-June 17- The day my parents graduated from high school. The day I graduated from high school. The day my brother graduated from college. Oddly, I cannot remember the date that I, myself, graduated from college. It was the end of May, I can tell you that much.
-June 9- The day I started doing NSTs with Garrett. Also, the birthday of a dear friend.
-June 10, 2006-The date of my first baby shower.
-September 8- The date that I started kindergarten, first grade, seventh grade and twelfth grade. (Okay, so I only remember this because it happens to be my birthday.)
There are more, believe me. I just have a weird ability to recall sometimes irrelevant dates. Aren't you glad you know that about me? Doesn't it make your life richer?

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