Tuesday, October 3, 2006


It's official. I'm a mother. Here's what I did between 4 am and 2 pm today.

4:00-4:20: Garrett cries. I get up and feed him. Includes diaper change. Put him back down. We sleep.

7:00-7:30: Garrett cries. I get up and feed him. Throw on some walking clothes.

7:30-7:35: Change Garrett. Includes diaper and clothes.

7:35-7:45: Sort and start a load of laundry.

7:45-7:50: Get Garrett ready to go for a walk.

7:50-8:20: Take a walk with Garrett and Beck.

8:20-8:22: Start watering the lawn.

8:22-8:27: Put laundry in dryer.

8:27-8:40: Shower and get dressed.

8:40-9:20: Write out guidelines for Production Review for Advanced Drama. (Garrett was napping)

9:20-9:30: Garrett wakes up. Walk around bouncing him for a few minutes.

9:30-10:13: Attempt to fold laundry while keeping Garrett entertained.

10:13-10:43: Feed Garrett.

10:36-10:45: Talk to Carol on the phone. Agree to be an honorary member of Three for the Show at women's retreat in March.

10:45-10:49: Change Garrett's blow out diaper that he created while I was on the phone with Carol.

10:49-10:55: Check email and myspace.

10:55-11:30: Make grocery list. Look through coupons.

11:30-12:32: Grocery shopping.

12:32-12:56: Put away groceries. Wash off eggs because one cracked on the drive home and slimed the rest. Put Garrett's pacifier in three hundred times so that I could have two hands for putting away groceries.

12:56-1:02: Change Garrett. Talk goofy to him on the changing table because it makes him grin and cackle.

1:02-2:00: Feed Garrett. Hold Garrett. Bounce Garrett. All the while making lesson plans and prepping for my class tomorrow.

2:00: Garrett falls asleep. I watch a little bit of the Padres getting beat while he naps in my arms.

I think I got alot accomplished in a short period of time. Indeed. I changed more diapers than that too. He soils himself alot.

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