Friday, March 3, 2006


I like poetry. And I write it. It is rubbish more times than it is not but isn't that always the case? Unless you're Plath? Anyway, I wrote this last July...on what turns out to be my baby's due date- (kind of. I sorta have two, depending on which medical professional you ask. The doctor says I am due on July 27. The ultrasound tech says July 29). It's been edited since, but I think it's pretty neat that I wrote it when I did.

In the waiting
I am learning to love you more
Than the breath that I breathe
as I gasp for air
Than the tears that I scream
as I shake with unanswered emptiness
Than the words that I strangle
In this place and in this time
I am dreaming
Of your face
And your smile
And your soul
And heart
That will come from me
But be inexpressibly you
In the waiting
I am learning to love you more
Gaining wisdom inside the
ominous fear of absence
Attempting to savor the ache
knowing this too shall pass
The breath will be breathed
Tears will be caught
The words will sound beautiful

(yah...that alien face that you see in the picture is my miracle)

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