Monday, July 4, 2016

The Big Boys Meet Their Baby

We decided to surprise the boys with my return. Since we didn't land until midnight, our friend, Christy, stayed with the boys while Troy came to pick us up. They slept right through until morning. Troy and I went to bed after 2:00 am and were up once with Will. Knowing that we'd be exhausted in the morning, Troy put a note on our door that said to knock before entering. Their knock, at about 7:15 am, woke us up from a sound sleep.

And that little fact is the only excuse I have for the following video. I look and sound like it was me who gave birth to this child. And I look like I had given said birth only moments before. In my bed. I do not look like an adoptive mom who has been parenting a newborn for a solid four nights.

Also, Garrett's lack of enthusiasm is hereditary. It comes from me. I neither hoot nor holler in joy. I am nearly incapable of showing emotion if anyone--especially a camera--is watching. But, like mine does, you can see his excitement build throughout the course of the video. It's also so precious to my soul the way he comes over and hugs me. It was as though he missed me so much, he just needed to sneak a hug in before he could process meeting his brother.

Matthew stayed home from school that day. Garrett chose to go in for a couple of hours but, for the most part, we spent the 10th hanging together as a family. They amaze me as big brothers. They are attentive and adorable. I always wanted my kids close together. I did not want an age gap.

But there is something so beautiful about the years between my big boys and their baby.

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  1. Oh my, sooo sweet! Thank you for sharing this amazing testimony of God's goodness! It's beautiful.