Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm Not Dead Yet

I'm totally still alive. For the three of you who still read this.

I think if I ever do meet my untimely death, I should request that my husband blogs a simple, "Lori died." Then, like a week later, when he's thinking about wrapping up his grief, finding a new wife and getting on with life, he can provide some details.*

Last week we were at Tahoe, soaking up the sun, eating at our favorite places, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and enjoying family time.

Our vacation isn't over but I don't have my laptop so I can't download my pictures. I'm also behind on things like blogging about the fact that I now have an eight-year-old. And I still need to do his birthday interview. And I need to show you a picture of the mama bear we saw with her two cubs. And our short year-round school summer is already almost halfway over and we have so much more to do. So for the three of you faithful readers, keep checking in. I'm bound to start updating you one of these days.

*My husband would totally grieve longer than a week. But I really don't expect him to. My boys would need a mother very badly so, if I ever do meet a young and untimely death, please start throwing eligible spinsters in his direction almost immediately.


  1. Okay, so let's make a deal. I want Jory to get remarried ASAP if I die. So, I will work hard to encourage Troy to remarry if you could do the same for Jory. Thanks!

  2. This post cracked me up. I always tell Hubs that OUR boys would need a mother, too, if I kicked the bucket, but.... I want him to pick an old spinster, too!!

  3. Jedi Mama--TOTALLY a spinster. :-)

  4. No way, if i go he might as well marry someone young and pretty. Maybe it will help him move on from losing the funniest smartest woman ever. But still someone old enough to be a parent-type to our kids.

  5. Mama Jessi--Truth be told, I would want him to find someone beautiful. But, yes, she MUST be able to adequately care for my children. :-)