Monday, October 15, 2007

The Prognosis: One month left of life as I know it.

I've been on a blogging hiatus. You see, the only thing I can even think to write about is moving, leaving, saying goodbye, putting a period at the end of the sentence at the end of the paragraph at the end of the 26th chapter set here in sunny Southern California. And, until now, I couldn't write about it, couldn't let the cat out of the bag (although, apparently, the world is chock-full of people who tell one person who tells one person because some people found out two weeks ago that I was moving. I find this very peculiar since I, myself, did not find out until a week ago). To say that I don't really, particularly, want to go, would probably be the understatement of the year, if not the decade, if not the past 26 years. My life is here and always has been.

But Sarah probably didn't want to follow her husband to Canaan and Jonah didn't exactly jump at the chance to go to Ninevah. I, personally, would rather not see the belly of a whale, thank you very much. So, in an attempt to go where He sends us, my little family is packing up and heading to the Great Salt Lake. (Insert no we are not LDS here). Troy has accepted a Senior Pastor position at a church in the Salt Lake area of Utah. Fortunately, he will be receiving enough of a raise that I will get to stay home with Garrett. While I don't mind working a couple days a week, I love being with him all day long and this will be a huge blessing.

Of course, I could write forever about how much I'll miss seeing my parents whenever I want and how hard it will be to leave the church I've been a part of for the past sixteen years. I could talk about how no climate will ever suit me as perfectly as this little niche on the map. But I have to go to work in a few minutes so for the time being I'll just make a list of ten things I'll miss:

1. I'll miss being able to drive to my parents' house in less than fifteen minutes.
2. I'll miss my entire family being within 40 minutes (this includes my brother, sister-in-law, neices, nephew, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins)
3. I will miss the Chargers and the Padres more than any female should ever miss any sports team. But I will remain a steadfast fan.
4. I will miss my hairdresser and my ob/gyn. Wait. Strike that. I will come home for visits and get my hair cut. And, since I will no longer have Kaiser (I WILL MISS KAISER!) I will have to take my ob/gyn with me to Utah. Goodness knows there would be plenty of clients for her there. What? I'm a little obsessive about who touches my head and my-- well, I just don't want to find a new person. At all.
5. I will miss In & Out Burger.
6. I will miss my church.
7. I will miss Sea World and the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park and being within very short driving distance to Disneyland.
8. I will miss my students at MVA.
9. I will miss the way the sun sets over the ocean. (I doubt it looks the same when it sets over the barren Salt Lake.) And, for that matter, I will miss the ocean. I think I'll feel landlocked and all claustrophobic inside.
10. I will miss my life as I have known it for the past 313 months.

More to follow...probably a list of 62,000 or so.


  1. I could never find enough words to convey my love and respect for you. How my heart breaks for you and what you already had planned for your family and it's future.

    My prayers are with you. With every moment and every box you will pack.

    I wish I culd say more to make it all better.

  2. I knew something was up...especially after your nostalgic post about home. Well, not only will you miss your home here, but your home and everyone here will miss you. I'm sure you're already talking about when you'll be moving back. :O)
    Oh, and PS. my OBGYN that delivered Raegann moved to Salt Lake...definitely look him up: Dr. Kirkman. I cried when he left me! Seriously.