Friday, January 26, 2007

Rolling and Eating

Garrett finally rolled from his back to his stomach! And...he is a piggie for food.

Okay, September he rolled from his stomach to his back. And then he just decided that he was content to lay around and do nothing. I mean, he is a very calm baby so it's no wonder that he had no desire to do anything, but at his two month check-up the doctor said, "He'll be rolling by his next visit." Well, the four month check-up came and went and Garrett still did not care to move. "He'll be rolling by the six month for sure," the doctor informed us. Well, three days ago, at his six month, he still had not flopped from back to front. But since he can sit fairly well, the doctor said not to worry...he's just lazy.

But he finally rolled today. Six days after he reached the six month mark.

He cannot roll proficiently. But what my child can do, fabulously well, is chatter himself up one wall and down another. Einstein probably rolled young but he did not speak until he was five. Or at least, that's the rumor I've heard. And boy can that kid eat. I think when he grows up he might be a talk show host that enters those hot dog eating contests for fun. Despite all the different kinds of foods he's had though, he remains a lightweight. He's in the 45% for length and the 5% for weight. The doctor was glad (because Garrett is skinny) that he's been eating so well and basically told me to give him whatever I wanted to give him from now on (except the no honey and cow's milk...and no meat until eight months) which has been splendidly fun and has made for a much happier child around dinner time. We plop him in the high chair and hand him cheerio after cheerio or carrot chunk or whatever. Dinner used to consist of me holding him and him clawing at my plate and trying to shovel fistfuls of salad into his mouth.

So so far he's had: rice cereal, oatmeat, green beans, squash, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, garden vegetables, corn, potatoes, applesauce, pears, cheerios, sweet potato puff finger foodie things, and one saltine cracker. I think that's it except for the cookie dough that he ate when he was only three months old and he lunged at my finger and gulped down a taste when I was baking Halloween cookies. Because he is a food loving hog. I think he came out wanting table food.

Anyway. To recap. He rolled. He's skinny. He talks alot. He eats alot. That is Garrett today. He is 190 days old.

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